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Digital Content Creator and Marketing Manager


I'm Miranda

Let's face the truth — our digital landscape is oversaturated. How do you get customers to stop and engage your brand? That's where I come in. I work with you to create scroll-stopping content that tells the story of your business. Let's make a splash with crafted cocktails, invoke drool-worthy food photography, and make your products stand out.


My Latest Work

Editorial Work

Träkál Spirit of Patagonia

A burger with caramelized onions sits on a wood table with a glass of white wine.

Livegrass – Lunch Menu

A can of beer is opened with the contents intentionally spraying out due to pressure.

The Modern Frontier Beer

Image of a whiskey sour cocktail against a bright, white and tropical background


Lunar Lounge Oklahoma City

Coop Aleworks Oktoberfest

A straight on image of the New State Burgers breakfast burger and bacon egg and cheese sandwich

New State Burgers

Gun Izakaya (now Goro Ramen)


Livegrass Butcher and Bistro – Bistro Menu

Alex creates a Zero-Proof cocktail behind the bar at Ponyboy

Beverage Photography


Brands I've Partnered With

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