In addition to photography, I also write copy and long-form editorial content. In my role with ReserveBar, I acted as the Editor-in-Chief of their online magazine-style blog, Cocktail Lounge. The success was so astronomical in creating a content-to-commerce strategy that we moved to replicate it for our sister company, Get Stocked. Cocktail Lounge has become the cornerstone for many major product launches, from celebrity-backed brands to internationally-known spirits to boutique wines. Here are a few samples of my personal writing for ReserveBar.

June 2023 Note:  We are undergoing a migration of Cocktail Lounge from Contentful to Salesforce Page Designer in order to better integrate direct revenue. The new Cocktail Lounge includes direct product sales, and I worked with our development team to design, test, and curate a more modern experience. Enjoy!